The Secret
of the Black Madonna...
Light of Africa......Light of the world
St, Marym Sion
...The story that has never been told...
The African Genesis  The origin of humankind is found in the Ancient Land
of Judah-Kush (Ethiopia) which is known in the Bible as The Garden of Eden, and in
ancient text as The Land of the Gods and the Heartland of Ancient African Civilization.  
At one time in remote history, the Land of the Blacks (Africa) included all that land
known as Africa today, including parts of Middle East (Yemen, Israel and Palestine) and
India (Hindu Kush).   This was during that time when the Atlantic ocean was known as
the Ethiopian Ocean.  Ancient Ethiopia (Judah-Kush-KMT) was the "Heartland of
Africa" and "The Land of the Gods in Human Form."  The African Genesis is the untold
story of the origins of the Black race.  It is also a story about our spiritual connections to
Mother Africa, long before the slave trade...and of our ancient ancestors who were
Gods-In-Flesh/or Human Form who once walked Earth and gave the world  civilization
(religion, arts and sciences).  

The Ancient Ethiopian-Egyptian Holy Family The first Ancient
Divine Black Family of record were Ethio-Egyptians who gave the world civilization,
religion and the arts and sciences.  Ethio-gyptians shared the same genology, culture,
language, and spiritual way of life.  African-centered Christianity separated from
Eurocentric Christinity over the interpretation of the Monopsyhite Doctrine
(God-In-Flesh), and of Eternal Life and Resurrection, which existed in ancient
Kush-Kmt thousands of years before the man they call Jesus the Christ was said to have
existed.   The story of The Black Madonna and Child is rooted in remote Ethio-Egyptian

The Black Madonna (The Original Madonna) The
Ethio-Egyptian Mother and Child (The Black Madonna) is the Original Black Madonna
and Child.  The European Mother Mary and Child is based on the African.  In modern
day Ethioipia, she is called St. Maryum Sion (Holy Mother of Zion)...but Mary is an
Egyptian name...the correct spelling is "Meri.."  This clearly shows how ancient Africa
has influenced Eurocentric religion.  Egypt was The Light of the World...but Kush
(Ethiopia) was the Light in Egypt's Eyes...this is the story that has never been told.  The
story of the Ethio-Egyptian Holy Family inspired Eurocentric Christianity, and as such
the Black Madonna and Child were  worshipped in Europe long before the slave trade.   
However African-centered Copts split from Eurocentric Christianity over the intpretation
of the Monophysite Doctrine (God-In-Flesh or Human-Form).  While both groups
believed that God can and does manifest in human form, they differed on whether this
reneders the Inspired One a Living God or whether God Exists inside Man, but as a
separate Spirit.  Eurocentric Christians were unable to grasp the Ethio-Egyptian
God-In-Flesh mystery,so they separated.  The Black Madonna was worshipped in
Europe long before the slave trade, where She continues to be worshiped until this very
day in many forms and She is also called by many names.  For example, in Russia She is
known as Our Lady of Kazan, and in Poland, Our Lady of Czestachowia.  Few people
are aware that when communism ended in Russia in 1993, the first thing the Russian
people did was to construct a $5 million dollar  cathederal on the Red Square,
dedicated to "Our Lady of Kazan," the Black Madonna and Child.  France has an
extrodinary amount of Black Virgins, perhaps more than any other nation.  The truth of
the Ethio-Egyptian Black Madonna and her Black nappy-haired baby, has yet to be told.
VVarious Names of
St. Marym Sion
Countries Where
She is Worshipped
Our Lady of Montserrat; The Black
Beloved Lady; Sancta Maria, ora
pro Anglia; Our Lady for the
Preservation; Our Lady of Hal;
Virgen de Copobana; Jemanja;  
Our Lady of Czestochowa; Our
Lady of Kazan; Our Lady of
Altotting; Our Llady of Loreto; Our
Lady of Dublin; La MAadonna di
Montenero; La Madonna Mora;
Our Lady of Guadalupe; Our Lady
of the Phillipines; Our Lady of
Kursk; La Donna della Verita (Our
Lady of Truth): Isis/Auset.
Austria, Belgium, Bolivia,
Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica,
Czechoslovakia, Ecuador,
Ethiopia-Egypt (home of
original Black Virgin), England,
France (who has more Black
Virgin sites than any other
country), Germany, Hungary,
Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta,
Mexico, The Netherlands, The
Phillipines, Poland, Portugal
(the slave capital of the world),
Romania, Russia, Spain,
Switzerland, Turkey, USA.