Empress Menen Speaks On War to
The World Women Association, September 13, 1928:
"...War is distress and trouble of mankind;  war
victimizes our husbands, brothers and children; war
is a destruction of the family and can make people
immigrant; women are against war.  We know that
all Italian mothers and barren women may worry
about the war, since war is good for nothing.  
Therefore, all women found in the world should
prevent war before it brings trouble and distress.  
They should collaborate their voice and request
(speak out)  to avoid war before the bloodshed
comes on both sides.  ...All women of the world
should struggle to bring peace and  justice."
In the Spirit of Empress Menes
Queen of Queens of Ethiopia
Wife of Emperor Haile Selassie I
King of Kings and Lord of Lords of Ethiopia
Empress Menen, Queen of Queens of Ethiopia was married
for 47 years to the 225th King of Kings and Lord of Lords of Judah (Ethiopia):
Emperor Haile Selassie I; their union produced 6 children.  
Empress Menen  was
actively involved in humanitarian work and endeavors; she visited the sick in
hospitals, gave of her personal funds to churches and monastaries that served the
poor, built schools for girls and officiated ceremonies for the opening  of schools,
churches, hospitals and orphaneges.   Always mindful of the poor, sick and homeless,
Empress Menen  built many churches with proceeds from her personal account, and
she also gave large parcels of land from her personal estate to the Church and
monastaries who served the poor.  

Empress Menen had a warm compassionate spirit and was loved by all.  She
was refered to as a "God fearing Empress" who was always praying to God.  Every
Friday she went to Church to make special prayers and to greet monks and nuns from
different churches and monastaries.  Empress Menen and her husband, Empreror
Haile Selassie both believed that Ethiopia's progress was linked to education, and as
a result, they build many schools (Emperor Haile Selassie built schools for boys and
Empress Menen built the schools for girls).   On July 10, 1939, Empress Menen sent
her Crown to Bethelem Church where they say Christ was born.  During the time of
the Ethiopian Holocaust 1935-1941, she mobailized Ethiopian women for war,
prepared statistical military reports, advised and encouraged the Ethiopian people to
perservere, and contributed funds to the families of Ethiopian patriots of war.  
The Compassionate Sisters of the Mystic Order of St.
Maryum Sion dedicate their Work to Four Powerful
Ethio-Egyptian Women:

Auset Mother of Horus,
St. Maryum Sion,
The Queen of Sheba, and
Empress Menen the last Queen of Queens of Judah

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