The Day the Angels Cried
Ethiopian  Holocasut 1935-1941
Traveling Museum Exhibit
Exhibit Specifications & Requirements
Take a journey through The Day the Angels Cried Traveling
Museum Exhibit... view 100 graphic color and black and white
photographs that tell the untold story of the African Genesis,
the Black Madonna and Child and the Ethiopian Holocaust
1935-1941, the details of which have been hidden for 68

Space Requirements
Exhibit space requirements:   850 - 1,000 sq ft. (exhibit space)
Seating arrangements:            Theatre/auditoriam seating
EXHIBIT SPECS:   The Exhibit consists of eight
double-sided free standing 4x6 panels, joined two
each at 90 degree angles that display 100 enlarged
images and text in various sizes (24x36, 11x17, 11x14,
8x11 and 5x8).  The Exhibit is made of light-weight
collaspible aluminum, for easy setup, dismantling and
transportation via ground or air.
The Exhibit is based on twenty-two years research,
The Special Year 2000 Edition of Italy’s War
Crimes in Ethiopia 1935-1941, which includes the full-
text of the original pamphlet first published in London
in 1946 by Sylvia Pankhurst.  The Exhibit has an
exterior and an interior  

The Exterior tells the story of events lead to the
Ethiopian Holocaust 1935-1941 and also includes
segments of Ethipian geography.  

The Interior , or  “The Sacred Center,”  presents  
graphic photographs and text that reveal the untold
story of
Mussolini’s systematic mass extermination
campaign in Ethiopia 1935-1941, that was carried out
with poison gas, sprayed from airplanes.  Also
included are pictures of the
Black Madonna and
Child, and  Ethiopian-Egyptian Kings, Queens and
Pyramid Builders.  
Interior and exterior segments
On-site guided tours available by request
Above segments reflect photoraphs of:  Debre Libanos, the site
of the February 1937 massacre, along with various images of
St. Maryum Sion (The Black Madonna)
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