Ethiopia the First and the Last:  
Historical Legacies Revisited

The Ancient Land:
All that land commonly known as Africa today,
including Palestine/Israel,
and parts of Yemem and India (Hindu-Kush)

Judah/Kush (Ethiopia)
Kashi/Varanashi/Hindi-Kush (India)
KMT/Kemet and Hindu-Kush/Kashi/Varanasi


Ancient Judah/KUSH was Once the Light of the World; Home of the Gods and Mother of
KMT (egypt)...and so it is:  the Daughter can never be older than the Mother.   
Eurocentric archeologists are finally admiting what has been known for ages...that
East Africa is the location of the Heart of Africa...the Garden of Eden...the home of first
Man...of Gods in Human Form...of the original Black Madonna and Child: the "Original
Eve," ...who is Mother of Human Kind.  Timeless Judah, Kush, KMT Kashi (Ancient
Kushitic City in India) were once known as the Homeland of the
Black Gods Who Walked Earth In Human Form.

Priest-Kings of ancient Judah-Kush/Kmt established and maintained a mystical way of
life, embellished with spiritual rituals and mystical ceremonies and the belief in Eternal
Life and Resurrection, which Europeans copied and call Christianity.  Philosophy was
born out of Europe's attempt to understand the higher wisdom of ancient Africa.  

The Two Lands (Kush and KMT/Ethiopia and Egypt/Mother and Daugher) embraced
the mystery of what Europeans call "The Monophysite Docterine," which is the belief
that God can manifest in Flesh, or God-in-Flesh.   African-centered Christianity and
Eurocentric Christianity separated the Nicene Council (451 AD), because Europeans
believed Christ to have two natures 1) divine and 2) human... while African-centered
Christianitians (The Coptic Egyptian Church) embraced the age old wisdom that when
God manifests in flesh, man is rendered a Divine Being/God-in-Flesh.   The story of the
man they call Jesus is the same as the ancient Kushitic/Kmetian story of a God in
Flesh who also died and resurrected and is said will come again.  

Atum whose Hebrew name is "Adam," was worsihpped in Ancient Egypt
(Amun/AtumAmen/Amen-RA) as the God of Gods, and as the First God to to Manifest in
Flesh on Earth and also as the King of Kings and Conquering Lion.  In Genesis 5:5, it
is written that Adam was a race of men and women, not just one man and one
woman... "...male and female created He them, and blessed them and called their
name Adam in the day they were created."  

Amun Sacred Symbols are those of a man with a lion's head and another is of a lion
walking upright like a man.  This was no heathen form of idol worship, but a spiritual
way of life based on the Ancient Wisdom and Ancient Mystery Teachings and
quantum physics :
The belief in things you cannot see. be continued...
Black Madonna
Ancient Egypt...
Daughter of Judah-Kush (ethiopia)...
Light of Africa......Lighth of the world