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African-American History
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The Day the Angels Cried:
Ethiopian Holocaust 1935-1941
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Enlightening African-centered
Educational and/Religious tours...
historical Ethiopia...the Judah of the
Bible...the Home of The Garden of
Eden, the Land of the Gods, the Home
of the Queen of Sheba and the Mother
Church of the World (Axum, Lalibella,
Gondar...the source of The Blue Nile.
Research Expeditions to Jamaica
and Ethiopia..
.join a team of
African-centered researchers on
historical adventures to discover the
African Genesis; assist with the
production of historical television
documentaries and TV programs;
meet Rastafarians in Jamaica; study
their spiritual way of life and more...  
research .
The Exhibit presents 10,000  years of
ancient and modern Ethiopian history,
including the untold story of
Mussolini's systematic
mass-extermination campaign in
Ethiopia 1935-1941.  
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Traveling Museum Exhibit
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The African Genesis
10,000 years of Ancient
& Modern Ethiopian History.  

Join us on extraordinary educational, cultural and
spiritual adventures to Ethiopia and Jamaica...
experience one-of-a-kind African-centered
seminars, museum exhibits, educational  and
leisure tours --
reconnect to your history, beyond
slavery...come full circle with knowledge of your
Ancient Divine Heritage, from the Blood line of
Ethiopian-Egyptian Pharaohs, Queens, Kings and
Pyramid Budilers.  
Dedicated to the Living God of Judah
Emperor Haile Selassie I, the 225th King of Kings,
Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah
Who Fulfilled the Ancient Monophysite Docterine
ROOTS International
Art Alliance, Inc is a nonprofit African-centered cultural  
organization, Incorporated in the State of Illinois in February 1987, for
cultural, educational, religious/humanitsarian, and scientific purposes.  
The mission of ROOTS is to promote and preserve ancient African
culture and history for a future world humanity.  The further mission of
ROOTS is to promote Brotherhood and Sisterhood between the races
via enlightening  African-centered programs and activities, and to
resurrect ancient  African traditions (from ancient Judah and KMT) via
the visual and performing arts.  
ROOTS is a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation,
all contributions are tax deductible.
The African Genesis
...the story that has never been told...
Traveling Museum Exhibit
Featuring 10,000 years of ancient and
modern Ethiopian-Egyptian History,
including the untold story about The
African Genesis, the Black Madonna
and Child, and The Ethiopian
Holocaust 1935-1941.
Vivian C. Harsh Research Collection of
African-American History
Carter G. Woodson Public Library-Chgo
...when we were gods...
...when we were gods...
Read the untold story
about Mussolini's
genocide campaign in
Ethiopia that was carried
out with poison gas,
sprayed from airplanes

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