The Mystic Order
St. Maryum
.(Humanitarian Program)
The Work of the Mystic
Order of the St.Maryum
Sion is dedicated to the
Memory of:

Empress Menen
Queen of Queens
of Ethiopia


Queen Mekeda
The Queen of Sheba:
Queen of the South
Mission and Purpose The  Mystic Order of St.Maryum Sion is open to
all women of integrity, right action, compassion, good will and the innate desire to
serve others through various humanitarian programs and services, so that we can
continue the work of  
Empress Menen  in the Spirit of the Queen of Sheba: Queen
of the South and in Honor our ancient East African Ancestors...those
Gods-In-Human-Form who gave the world humanity (religious way of life), art,
education and culture.  The additional purpose the Order is to provide spiritual
counsel and support to women and children in need.   

Membership Membership is open to all women of African descent from
various ethnic, sppiritual, cultural, socio-eductional backgrounds who have an  
groups and spiritual/religious, cultural, educational and social backgrounds,  who  
innate desire to serve humanity.  

Human-Ed 101 (Humantarian )Programs & Activities
If you have an compassionate and adventerous spirit and have always wanted to
help others and and have dreamed of visiting the Mother is the time to
join the Order of St. Maryum Sion.  Help raise funds for Ethiopian orphanages,
libraries, hospitals, schools and eco-agri  programs, while learning about ancient
Ethiopia: the land of the Garden of Eden and the ancient land of Ethiopian-Egyptian
Pharoahs and Pyramid Builders.  For more information on our upcoming Travel and
Learn Human-Ed 101 Program, please sent us an email at